Vanya, you’ve lost your money
You’ve lost your wife
You’ve lost your job
But you still alive
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Vanya, Vanya
Don’t be sad, Vanya
Even if sometimes life is a bitch

But you cannot ditch

What you thinking
Хватит думать, Ваня
К черту деньги
Don’t be angry
Make it happen, Vanya
It’s your body
Слушай, Ваня
When Manizha’s knocking
When you crying
When you sorrow
It’s amnesia talking
With you
Hey-hey, with you

Слушай, Ваня
And follow this rules

I’m an exception
To your misconception
Born to myself
I see no one’s direction
I write my shizz
I don’t play with no playas
Get in my crib
Better study your manners
My contraception
Is people like you
Thirsty and hungry
I know what to do
Bringing it back to планета Земля

Ман духтарчаи осмони замин
My dictionary will never run thin
I started running this shit
Now I am rapping this song
My native soul is spiritual
When I express myself
I give it all
I give it all
I give it all
I give it, I give it, I give it all

When I was born I was johhny bobosh
Never expect me to cook for you osh
Борщ картошка селедка котлеты
(Fuck)… patriarchy
Я совсем не про это
Слушай, оставь здесь свои тра-ля-ля
Задача на завтра

(Ой Ваня-Ваня…)

You know, Vanya
The only one thing you need to know
Cuz the truth
Truth is your сила

Truth is your сила…

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